Confirm who you’re buying & selling with, online.

Bring peace of mind to your marketplace interactions with goConfirm

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Buying & selling from strangers is stressful

On Marketplace you’re on your own trying to avoid scams, figure out who is for real, coordinate logistics and look after your personal safety. 

With goConfirm, you know exactly who you’re dealing with when you buy and sell. 

Why use goConfirm?

Got 3 ½ minutes to confirm?

It takes about 210 seconds to get set up on goConfirm — and from then on, you’ll bring trust to every interaction you have with a stranger online.

Step 01

Add a headshot

Take a selfie, which we will digitally match to your document. 

Step 02

Verify your Facebook account

Connect your Facebook account, so that buyers or sellers you chat with can see they’re dealing with a verified person.

Step 03

Verify your identity

Take a picture of government-issued documentation (like your driver’s license or passport). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data?

At goConfirm, your data and privacy are fundamental to how we designed and built our product. When you create an account and sign-up with goConfirm all your data is encrypted and uses industry standard security processes. When you use goConfirm, we provide you with transparency into exactly what data is shared publicly when you share your link. We’ve designed goConfirm to use the minimum amount of data necessary to build trust in your online interactions. You’re in control. If you’d like to delete your account – we understand.

How do you prevent fake identities?

In partnership with our identity verification provider Persona, all uploaded identity documents like Driver’s Licenses or Passports are checked for signals of fraud. In addition, when using goConfirm you must take a selfie which is matched to your uploaded identity document.

Why should I trust goConfirm?

We need to prove it to you. As a company with the mission to add trust to our online interactions, trust is core to everything we do. We hope you can see that in the way we’ve built goConfirm. We’ve built our product with the principles of putting you in control as much as possible. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to us – we’ll answer

Is it free?

Yes. But we want to be transparent. We are NOT making this free by selling your data. At goConfirm we believe you should be in control of your data.

How do you make money?

As we grow our company we have plans to evolve our business model based on where we provide the most value. For now we’re focusing on building a product that provides you with confidence when you interact online.