We believe in a future with more trust and connection

goConfirm is a portable digital identity company that enables you to add trust to your everyday interactions with others.

Your identity is a powerful thing. When people know who you are, with certainty, you have a foundation on which to build a trusted interaction. 

In today’s digital age, though, proving identity and establishing trust is a big challenge. There is no easy way of knowing who you are interacting with, and that puts you at risk from people with bad intentions. As a result, trust online has never been lower than it is today. If you could confirm who was on the other side of that digital connection, it would go a long way to weeding out bad actions and behaviour.

Our goal is to bring trust to your online interactions. With goConfirm, people can create a verified digital identity using government-issued ID, and then safely share it with others online to establish trust. Your ConfirmID is something you own and control, and it’s portable, so you can bring it with you to future interactions to establish trust.

In late 2023, goConfirm launched with a focus on peer-to-peer marketplaces. By providing a way for people to prove their identities securely, goConfirm brings trust and peace of mind to online transactions and unlocks the potential of Facebook Marketplace and other buy/sell platforms where literally billions of people interact each month. 

We envision a future where verified portable identity as well as other verified authentic data will be available to use in online environments and interactions, ranging from social media to financial services, talent management and commerce.


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