Digital ID Wallet: A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your personal information safe and easily accessible in today’s digitally connected world, a digital ID

Facebook Identity Theft

Facebook has adopted a proactive approach to combating fraudulent activities on the platform. For example, they are now prioritizing claims of impersonation

The Journey to Confirm

When we started Qui, we wanted to solve the growing problem of proving who you are online. We knew from past experience

Welcome to Confirm

[Update Dec 21, 2023: The giveaway referenced below has now concluded] You know that feeling, when you’re on the precipice, when you’ve

Why we chose KERI

[Update December 2023: Qui Identity is now Confirm] Last week I discussed why we opted not to build Qui on a blockchain,

The Path Ahead

[Update December 2023: Qui Identity is now Confirm] Last week we announced the launch of Qui, and the support that Peter Carrescia

Confirm is a portable digital identity company that enables you to add trust to your everyday interactions with others.

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