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Why is goConfirm asking for government ID?

goConfirm asks for government ID to ensure a safer and more reliable buying and selling experience on Facebook Marketplace. Verifying your identity with a government ID is a crucial step in building trust between users.

Here’s the deal: When you provide a photo of your government ID, we partner with Persona, a trusted identity verification service, to run some checks. This process helps confirm that you are a real and legitimate person, adding a layer of security to the platform.

By asking for a government ID, we’re making sure that everyone using goConfirm is who they say they are. It’s like a digital handshake that helps filter out potential scammers and bad actors, creating a more secure environment for transactions.

Your safety and the safety of others on goConfirm are our top priorities. The government ID verification process helps us maintain a community of genuine individuals, making your buying and selling experiences more trustworthy.

In a nutshell, goConfirm asks for a government ID to establish your identity and enhance the overall security of the platform. It’s all about creating a space where you can transact with confidence, knowing that you’re dealing with real, verified people.