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Frequently asked questions

How does goConfirm work?

goConfirm is a way to verify yourself and add a layer of confidence and trust into all of your interactions online. When you sign up, you’ll go through a multi-layered (but quick!) authentication process to make sure you:

    1. Have only one account 
    2. Are a real person, not a bot
    3. Are the person who has your government ID

We’re building a community of people who want to bring trust back to digital spaces. Today, we do this by verifying the identities of our users and deterring bad actors.

Whether you’re shopping Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or Craigslist, you can create a transaction  that lets you securely exchange verified identities with your buyer or seller, securely share deal details like location,  and e-transfer, and keep a record of the deal.

Where can I use goConfirm?

You’ll only have to verify your identity once, and after that you can use goConfirm anywhere you transact peer-to-peer. This includes but is not limited to: Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist, Karrot, and deals made through Reddit or Instagram DMs. Just create a transaction, and share the code with potential buyers and sellers.

Why is someone asking me about goConfirm on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or another marketplace?

If someone is bringing up goConfirm on your favourite marketplace, it’s because they’re looking to make the buying or selling experience safer and more trustworthy. goConfirm is a tool that helps ensure that everyone involved in a transaction is legit and reliable.

Here’s the scoop: goConfirm adds an extra layer of security to deals. When you’re in a conversation about a potential purchase or sale, someone might suggest using goConfirm to verify each other’s identity. It’s like a virtual handshake that helps you worry less about the uncertainties of dealing with strangers.

So, if someone is asking you about goConfirm, it’s because they want to create a goConfirm transaction – a secure space to finalize the deal. It’s all about making sure both sides feel comfortable and protected during the transaction process.

Is my information private?

Yes. Your face scan scan, and government ID document will never be shared, period. When you create a transaction, verified users who join using your code, will be able to see your photo, first name, and the details you choose to add to that transaction, such as meeting location or e-transfer contact. Once the transaction is complete or deleted, any details will auto-disappear.

What is a goConfirm invite code?

An invite code is the way to access a goConfirm transaction that your buyer or seller has created. When verified buyers or sellers use goConfirm, they create a transaction for a specific item or service. This can include details like price, meet-up location and e-transfer contact. The transaction has a four character code they can share with potential buyers or sellers to join. To join the transaction, you must be verified by goConfirm. When you join a transaction on goConfirm, you have peace of mind that both the buyer and seller are verified using government-issued ID.

How much does it cost?

goConfirm is totally free. In the future, we may add new features that could have a cost. If you decide not to use them, you won’t lose access to any goConfirm features you use today.

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