Introducing ScamSpotter by goConfirm: A Cutting-Edge AI Tool Empowering Canadians to Safeguard against Digital Scams

From Business Wire. In a time marked by increasing digital threats, such as suspicious texts or questionable emails, online security is more important than ever. Today, goConfirm, a trailblazer in portable digital identity solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation: ScamSpotter by goConfirm, an AI powered solution designed to analyze all forms of digital communication to assist consumers in identifying scams before they cause harm.

“We launched goConfirm to bring trust and safety to marketplaces like Facebook and Kijiji, by making sure people knew who they were transacting with,” said Kirk Simpson, CEO of goConfirm. “By using goConfirm and verifying the identities of both parties, people can feel safer in their interactions. Working in this space, we quickly saw first hand how people were being lured into online scams by bad actors impersonating people, companies and government agencies, and knew there was a way we could help. By leveraging generative AI technology, we have been able to build a tool that can help people identify and avoid online scams.”

ScamSpotter by goConfirm is designed to assist people with making decisions about online interactions that might seem fraudulent. As soon as you receive a suspicious email or text that doesn’t seem right, a ScamSpotter user can simply take a screenshot, upload, and get instant analysis on the likelihood that they’re interacting with a possible scam. As with other generative AI technologies, ScamSpotter is meant to act as an assistant to making decisions. With its easy to use design, this tool can act as a helping hand in identifying scams to people at all levels of technological proficiency.

ScamSpotter by goConfirm is a web based service providing the following key features:

  • Scam Detection & Explanation: Developed by the goConfirm team, leaders in the portable identity space, ScamSpotter leverages the latest OpenAI model, using vision capabilities to identify and analyze common patterns for scams across various channels like texts, websites and emails. Not only does it give users an actionable analysis to make better decisions, but it also helps educate people as they go on to make other decisions online and when faced with scams.
  • User-Friendly Design: ScamSpotter was designed to be easily accessible and digestible by everyone, despite their level of comfort with technology. Instead of keeping a mental checklist of ever-evolving tactics to watch out for, ScamSpotter can be accessed with the click of a button for immediate analysis. Users can simply upload a suspicious screenshot, and receive an instant gut check to help make a more informed decision.
  • Evolving Technology: The team at goConfirm is committed to updating and adapting ScamSpotter as innovations in the AI space continue to rapidly evolve. To keep the user as comfortable and confident as possible, ScamSpotter provides individualized analysis on a screenshot of a suspicious interaction, and then the image is deleted as soon as the user leaves the page. This ongoing evolution ensures the tool maintains peak performance and minimizes the occurrence of people falling victim to scams, while maintaining data safety.

As digital scams continue to evolve and adapt to changing technologies, ScamSpotter by goConfirm plans to do the same and stay ahead of the curve by providing users with dynamic solutions to safeguard their online privacy and security. By harnessing the power of AI, goConfirm is redefining the landscape of online interactions, enabling people to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and peace of mind.

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