Satraj Bambra


Satraj Bambra, a board member and investor in goConfirm, is a distinguished venture capitalist (VC) and serial entrepreneur with a strong background in technology development as a full-stack engineer.

Currently, he is the Managing Partner at Round13, a leading Canadian venture capital firm managing $700 million. In his role as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for the Digital Asset Fund at Round13, Satraj focuses on technologies that enhance security, scalability, and interoperability of digital assets and information. This includes support for goConfirm’s secure verified identity solution.

Satraj’s entrepreneurial journey includes co-founding, developing, and successfully exiting multiple ventures, such as BlockEQ, a platform for digital wallets and decentralized exchanges.

His most recent personal endeavor is Rails, an innovative platform designed for trading crypto derivatives with high speed and efficiency while ensuring users maintain the self-custody of their assets.