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The Journey to goConfirm

When we started Qui, we wanted to solve the growing problem of proving who you are online. We knew from past experience that verifying identity data was a key to accessing many products and services.

So our company name, Qui, pronounced ‘key’ and the French word for ‘who’, fit perfectly with the problem we were trying to solve.

Lots has happened since we started this journey last year. A ‘blue checkmark’ moved from something you could trust to something anyone could buy for $8/month. Generative AI launched broadly, allowing for the creation of bots and misinformation at a scale never seen before.

Trust online has never been lower than it is today.

We know the root of trust is knowing the real people you are interacting with. If you could confirm who was on the other side of that digital connection, it would go a long way to weeding out bad actions and behavior.

With that in mind, today we’ve launched our first product, which gives people a way to prove who they are, as well as confirm the identity of those they are interacting with. Initially we’re targeting P2P marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace. By inserting verified ConfirmIDs into the process, we’re confident we’ll bring more safety, security and peace of mind, and tremendous value, to millions of buyers and sellers worldwide.

And while the name Qui has served us well as we incubated our ideas, we’re launching our product under a new name: goConfirm. For us, it immediately conveys to individuals what the product is and why they are using it.

Never has the need for digital trust been greater than it is today. We are excited to help address this need in the coming months and years.