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Welcome to goConfirm

[Update Dec 21, 2023: The giveaway referenced below has now concluded]

You know that feeling, when you’re on the precipice, when you’ve seen a good idea come together and it’s Go time? That’s me today. 

Two things I want to share with you:

  1. Introducing our new product: goConfirm!
  2. Announcing a $1 iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium! (A fun giveaway for early users)

First things first:

We began working on portable verified identity last year under the name Qui. After lots of really interesting research and product development, we’ve now launched under the name goConfirm. More importantly, we are excited to bring more safety, trust and confidence to online interactions, initially on Facebook Marketplace.

The need is huge. More than a billion people worldwide use Facebook Marketplace alone. With goConfirm, buyers and sellers can know who they are interacting with, and we can unlock the full potential of peer-to-peer marketplaces.

You can try it out and get your own ConfirmID now, at

And next, a thank you for early users (unfortunately only open to users in the US, Canada and UK): 

We want people to check out what we’ve built, so I’m “selling” a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max Titanium for $1. All you have to do is join my goConfirm link so we can share our verified ConfirmIDs. You can do that here:

Just follow the prompts until your ID is verified and you’ve joined my link. On Thursday Dec 21st I’ll randomly draw the name of one person and they can then buy the phone from me for $1.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any feedback you have about the process, too! We want to learn what you love as well as whatever challenges you encounter.

My thanks to the whole goConfirm team. It’s been an exciting process, and we’re just getting started.  🚀 🚀