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Announcing Qui

[Update December 2023: Qui Identity is now goConfirm]

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of Qui (French for ‘who’ and pronounced ‘key’). Our objective: to give individuals control over their digital identities, and to accelerate the mass adoption of decentralized identity technology.

Qui is reinventing how trusted interactions take place for each of us, every day. In today’s world, you make claims about your identity all the time, both in the digital and physical world, to secure access to products and services. Your identity extends beyond traditional attributes like your name, your address, your image and your education, to include memberships you hold and things you own, both physical and digital (e.g. NFTs, property, and other assets). Increasingly, people are exposing more personal data than they need to, and companies are spending more, and accepting more friction, to confirm this data.

With user-controlled, easy-to-use digital identity solutions for individuals, and robust APIs and SDKs for companies, Qui will bring decentralized identity to the mainstream. With Qui, people will be in complete control of what they share at a granular level. Qui will make commercial activities flow more easily, with greater trust for businesses and greater security for individuals.

Qui’s founders are Kirk Simpson, co-founder and past CEO of Wave Financial Inc., and Peter Carrescia, a veteran of the technology landscape and previously SVP Strategy at Wave.

We’re currently hiring for critical roles on our founding team. Please check out for those opportunities, and follow here for news.

Qui is backed by $6.5 million in seed funding led by Round13 Capital Digital Asset Fund, with participation from Wittington Ventures, OMERS Ventures and prominent angel investors in the United States and Canada.

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